"Shannon truly practices what she preaches.  The lessons she is so apt at conveying (acceptance, non-judgment, focus, kindness, and compassion) are not just words she uses but a life she lives." -Founder/Executive Director of Be Mindful

"Shannon has a beautiful therapeutic style. She is warm, inquisitive, open and sensitive to others. As a fellow colleague, she inspired me and was great to work with on a team." - M. Pendleton, LCSW

"There is more to educating a child than letters and numbers. Children must also learn about themselves as individuals.  Shannon recognizes this need and puts her heart into helping children understand the role emotions play in their everyday lives." -Elementary School Teacher

​"Shannon coached my adolescents in utilizing mindfulness techniques to help them with the daily stress of being a student and teenager. I noticed an immediate increase in ability to transition between tasks as well as manage stress more effectively. I would encourage anyone to incorporate these techniques into their lives." -High School Teacher