I provide ethically-sound and evidence-based individual psychotherapy/counseling services to teens and adults. My approach to psychotherapy is rooted in the belief that the relationships we have---with ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings and others---play a large role in learning how to effectively cope with difficulties, whether it be a life transition, a diagnosis, a learning disability, chronic pain or acute stress. I help teach clients how to develop a kind curiosity and deep awareness about patterns of thinking that pop up during difficult times and recognize behaviors that may limit or prohibit them from truly connecting (with themselves and others). As our therapeutic relationship deepens, together, we look at ways in which we'd like to transform negative patterns of thinking or behaving. From firsthand experience as well as reports from clients, I know that it is possible to rest into the feelings we experience---whether they be feelings of anxiousness, sadness or anger----and learn to hold these emotions in a caring and soft way so that we can feel better in our daily lives. It takes practice, skill and support. My ultimate goal is to help clients achieve these goals.

Areas of Focus Include:

  • Anxiety and Mood Disorders
  • Teen Issues/Adolescence
  • Life Transitions
  • Stress Management
  • Identity Awareness
  • Relationship Issues
  • Chronic Pain
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Female Empowerment
  • Pregnancy, Perinatal and Post-Partum Mood Disorders
  • Divorce
  • Emotional, Verbal and Domestic Abuse
  • Pervasive Developmental Disabilities & Learning Differences