About Shannon
Professional Summary:

I am a Licensed Social Worker specializing in the areas of mindfulness, stress management, emotional regulation and empowerment-based education for adolescents and adults. I am a certified mindfulness instructor and trained in nonviolent communication (NVC). My role as a therapist is nourishing and rewarding. Helping clients navigate and cope with difficult life transitions and emotional or physical pain is my specialty. Besides providing high quality psychotherapy to the community, I also contract with local schools and have been a key-note presenter at several conferences and workshops in Colorado and California. 

Educational and Professional Background:

I have been serving the mental health field in a variety of capacities since 2003. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at the Florida State University and helped contribute to the social psychology and clinical psychology field through research implementation and analysis.  I have worked as a Behavior Therapist at several schools in California and South Carolina where I provided social, emotional and behavioral support to families whose children were diagnosed with high special needs. In 2008, I pursued a Master's in Clinical Social Work (MSW) at the University of Denver. During this time, I worked in a variety of clinical and community settings. As a family advocate, I connected single parents with pertinent resources and facilitated several independent living and financial classes. I then went on to work at a private therapy practice in Denver, Colorado and led socialization groups for children, adolescents and young adults. Simultaneously, I worked in two school counseling offices and offered individual counseling and groups to a variety of students on issues of empowerment, social skills, emotional regulation and mindfulness. Upon receiving my MSW, I worked as a School Counselor for K-12 children and their families at an alternative school in Denver. I have worked with clients well over 4,000 hours and have completed and passed the Social Work Clinical Licensing Exam.

My Therapeutic Style:

Each person has specific needs thus, I meet each client where they are at. Together, we discuss our goals and make informed choices about how we'd like to progress. I am a firm believer that not every problem or difficulty can be solved. Often times, clients will come into therapy wanting something to be fixed that is un-fixable. While it is important to understand that some things needed to be coped with rather than fixed, I believe that utilizing the right tools can help people relate to their problems in a different way...in a way that they may have never experienced before. In altering the relationships we have with our problems or patterned thinking, we can become more satisfied in our relationship to ourself, to others and to those things in our lives that cause distress or difficulty. By providing compassionate support and guidance, my primary goal is for clients to feel safe, heard and more capable to deal with challenges.